Monday, May 09, 2005

The collection after one week

The collection after one week

I washed the end of last week today. I couldn't do it over the
weekend as I was stricken with a terrible cold. It took me almost 3
hours. Here is a view of the dish room.

One file box is approximately 3000 chopsticks. We have at least 6
boxes worth after seven days - about 18,000 chopsticks. This exceeds
that amount that I collected in Tokyo (15,000) from 11 restaurants in
12 days. I have a better infrastructure for collecting here at home.

I must confess that although its only been a week, I have been
feeling sort of sick at the amount. It feels gross. It feels crazy.
Its kind of overwhelming.

One restaurant has decided to pull out. They said that the dishwasher
is too busy to separate them out. Okay. I wonder what they will do
when we introduce composting and bottle and can recycling later. I
hope that is not too much trouble.

I have noticed that there seems to be a predominance of bamboo
chopsticks. I think we will try to find the restaurants with the
wooden ones. I have found they are a bit easier to handle

I am hoping to get volunteers to help with the washing. Some of the
restaurants have requested pickups twice a day.