Monday, June 06, 2005

Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy
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I was talking to someone at the gallery yesterday who said that there was a link between the fall of the Mayan civilization and deforestation. Because of this conversation I looked around a little online.

NASA archeologist Tom Server, has used satellite date with archeological findings and is theorizing a combination of factors - dense population, change in rainfall patterns with the root cause being chronic food and water shortage, due to drought and deforestation. I found this on what looks like some students' site.The Earth Policy Institute has a curriculum that also discusses the fall of civilizations due to environmental insustainability. National Geographic talks about Mayans and Climate Change.

Today Indigo and I went hiking for some forest therapy. The weather was perfect. I felt the cool cover of the trees, the quietness of the forest floor, and the quality of the air that can only happen in a forest. I can't imagine life without forests. I am going to make more time for these special places this summer.