Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tool Fantasy

Its been a while. I have been trying to recover from chopstick madness. I know its been a few months. But washing all those chopsticks can take a lot out of a person. Here is a photo I chose to help cheer me up. I was in a Snap-on Tools truck that Indigo and I found during one of our roadtrips. Its like a fantasy drawing I might have given to Santa to describe what I wanted for Christmas when I was a little girl. Its so beautiful, don't you agree?

I have been playing a lot of music while I try to get my jones back for working in the art studio again. The music is great because it is so immediately gratifying. I don't agonize like I do in the studio agitated by art business. I am very grateful for and humbled by the music. It keeps coming around to help me live. Another thing I can do with sticks... I am "Charlotte Watsu" aka the drummer for LICK, an all women's Rolling Stones Tribute Band featuring Christina Michell, our Chick Jagger. Come check us out! The jpeg is my kickdrum head.