Monday, August 15, 2005

Conversations at the Nihonmachi Street Fair

Here is a before and after experiment. Things are slow in the studio. I have gotten bogged down with other things. This is how it usually goes.

Instead of the studio this weekend, I was passing out flyers about the project's upcoming public programs with Ranger Cidney, Ranger Fatima and interns at the Crissy Field Center booth. Of course it was great hanging out with them, but mostly I talked to folks at the Fair about the project.

One guy talked about how chopsticks are great for draining potted plants in the winter. A woman suggested posting on craiglist to get others to donate their chopsticks to the project. (I think this is a great idea, by the way. I just haven't gotten around to it.) I met a former chef who had ideas about working with other restaurants to develop green practices. Another woman said her church was collecting their chopsticks for the project. I hadn't heard of it and so I hope they get them to me soon.

I have since installed a dehumidifier in the gallery at JCCCNC and it fills to capacity everyday. Hopefully it will keep the mold away because I found another moldy box! Darn!