Monday, September 19, 2005

Emerging from the chopsticks

Sorry its taken so long to blog again. I am finally coming out from under the intense installation process I had to go through. Four more boxes had mold just beginning to grown as I was installing, but thankfully, most of my mold prevention measures worked this time. The rest, 56 boxes, were fine. No photos with this post, but some are coming soon.

I was able to arrive at the opening still standing and able to talk. As I have been telling viewers, it took 3 days with no food, no water and no sleep. (I drank cold green tea most of the time. Don't worry! I wasn't dehydrated.) There were lots of people and lots of interest.

So the show is up now and will be up until October 22nd - five more weeks. Gallery hours have been posted as Thursday-Sunday from 12-6.

The show is still visible from outside the doors with video and sound. You really can get almost the full experience. But if you want to get up close and in person with the installation you'll have to make an appointment by emailing me directly. I may also be going every once in a while during regularly scheduled times.

I am asking folks who can spare the time to gallery sit during those hours to contact me also. When I have been able to go to the gallery, sometimes up to 50 people show up each day and a lot of people are interested in purchasing chopsticks sets. This is much better attendance than a traditional venue where most people see it at the opening only. In general however, you understand how important it is to keep the show accessible.

I will be adding more video pieces in the coming weeks. I am also in the midst of producing a 16-page catalog which will be available in October.

My artist lecture at JCCCNC is this Saturday from 3-4:30 PM including a walk to the show with a Q&A.